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Name:   Anna Duncan
Height:   5.0’
Contest Weight:   98 lbs
Location:   Montreal
Years Competing:   6 years
Favorite Body Part:   My arms
Supplements:   HerbaLife Health Products
What was your motivation to get started and continue?
I carried 80 lbs excess weight from two pregnancies. Suffering severe chronic depression. I became a recluse. Something had to be done with my life! This helps me set an example to my present clients.
How did these competitions enhance or change your life?
It taught me discipline. You’d be surprised at how much you can do when you put your mind to it. Any challenge can be faced.
My strategy for turning Pro is?
Take each obstacle with grace and face the challenge.
Complete this sentence: “When I turn Pro I will…”
…hold my head up high!
Was there any comment/story or profile that made you realize how far you’ve come?
Yes, in my local paper. They can be viewed on my web site
What are your suggestions for those who are interested in competing?
Take the first competition as a learning experience.
Which athletes are your biggest rivals? Why? Is there anyone you’re anxious to compete against and why?
Being a competitive person such as I, everyone is my rival. I always compare, and want to use them as inspiration.
My message to my closest contest rivals is:
Keep heads up, because I’ll never give up!
If you could describe your “stage character” what would that be? (think WWE style – great hype):
Who are your Favorite Competitors?
Blue Ocean, Sylvia Tremblay.
Complete this sentence: “If I wanted to create hype about my upcoming competition I would…”
I would talk it up! It would definitely be posted on my web site.
Something shocking about me:
Ability to loose 80 lbs in 8 months.
Amongst my friends I’m best known for:
Sense of humor.
If I turn Pro the first thing I’ll do to celebrate is:
Write a book on how to achieve this goal.
What are your thoughts about competing with WNSO? Have you found anything different with this organization compared to others? Any suggestions on what you would like to see improved?
I like the recognition given to the athletes.
What can we expect from you at FAME 2005?
I will give it my all!
Complete this sentence: “If I become a fitness celebrity, my plans are…”
To continue to set an example and inspire future athletes.
Do you have any final words?
Competing is a great motivation.

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